Too Many Ideas Syndrome

It isn’t called ‘Too many GOOD ideas syndrome’, I notice.

Just sat down to find a blog that I’d earmarked to read that promised to give me skills on getting a smooth flow from idea to either  (a) ‘discard’ or (b) ‘do’ stage. I couldn’t find the blog but found this blog instead ‘9 Ways to Overcome Too Many Ideas Syndrome‘ from the Writer’s Digest website. Useful, I think.

It’s a gift and a complete joy to be met with juicy ideas to the left and the right but a curse to be haunted by vague memories of ideas that weren’t even recorded. I try to remind myself that if I didn’t get the idea on paper there was a reason for that.  But still…    Somewhere I’ve written a not-so-good poem called ‘The poems I didn’t write were great’.

Is it me, or is it all a process of translation?  Getting the ideas, sifting through them, find ones to focus on, finding they go on their own journey.

A word of thanks from me to countless individuals who create really rich content blogs about the writing process. I adore finding out about how others face the writing process. It occupies the no.1 spot on my list of things to do to procrastinate in the face of bringing ideas to the page.

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