Abridged 0-14: Floodland

Delighted to have a poem (Hot Water) in the current issue of Abridged. And thanks to all for including it -and sending through the contributors copy. Abridged is consistently one of my favourites. I am always wowed by the standard of curation which has this feeling of a conversation between the poetry and artwork which both are improved by. Getting a good balance between the visual and the verbal, I observe, can be an art form in itself.

My poem is set opposite an untitled photograph by a young German artist/poet Sarah Kayss. I love the image itself and it is a stunning companion imho to Hot Water.

This is one of the cover images (Dante’s Inferno, Canto IV, Limbo by Valentina Vannicola). The image should, hopefully, link through to the online version of the magazine).

One of Abridged 0-14 covers

Abridged are currently calling for poetry (only) for their next issue/exhibition – ‘Why is it always December’ – with a mid March closing date.




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