National Poetry Month: Tristich 11-20 #NaPoWriMo

It’s National Poetry Month – and I’ve taken up the challenge of writing a poem each day for April 2016. In my case I’ve gone with three-line poems to ensure that I keep up the momentum. Really delighted to have gotten this far with no slippage.

Thanks again to for introducing the concept. Thanks too @thepoetryschool (on instagram) whose prompts I’ve been using. Some very intriquing ideas coming through both in terms of subject matter and in format of the writing. Yesterday’s prompt involved burning and walking – both activities which I enjoy – although there is a bit of an after-smell of burnt paper today here that isn’t too lovely.  I’ve also been mixing it up with prompts from the NAPOWRIMO website – and that’s adding an interesting dynamic.


(Tristiches 1-10 are HERE)


11/30 Finders Keepers

It’s a different jurisdiction – and all the advice is for children.

Don’t pick it up, tell a trusted adult (what if that were me?).

On the firearm forum, they disucss whether they could get to keep it.


12/30 I Grant You This

When I am in the area, you find that you forget

to feel the need to be more – or maybe, sometimes, less;

Then magically it happens that others become less of a threat.


13/30 Golden Beak

Not shy, but you like to keep it low key when scoping out territory;

Bird of mystery – we’d never noticed you except for that trademark flashy beak;

Truly, we don’t need to know the score, just let your ancient/ordinary art stand us still.


14/30 Short Bio

Imaginary pastimes, who caused the sense of absence, a home-place painted red.

Fragile images become lines, how can a colour be quenched, now I am missing you.

Releasing the debt that red acrrued, what if day-dreaming were banned, what if dreams came true.


15/30 Exile

Cashmere and canvas: you pitch your tent tonight.

Wind-burnt dancer – disappear or relent tonight.

Say yes? Here in Ithaca I lament tonight.

after ‘Tonight’ by Agha Shahid Ali


16/30 Guided Meditation

By the black water, in the cleft of an oak;

An ornate box – contents: a hat pin,

Whole moon on a windy night, a milk tooth.


17/30 After-sunset Couplet (aka Heuston we have a problem)

In the beginning there was only one.

Then another – and two became one.

And another..o so wrong..felt so right 🙂


18/30 Dovecote

Actually it’s the sound that isn’t here that makes this home – none of their

entitled noise, angry, demanding to know whose fault it is: when will I fix it –

nor the neighbour’s pigeons cooing on the roof in their brief moments free from the coop.


19/30 How to Navigate the Storms of Winter

Remember the Daughter of the Wind, the Son of the Morning Star – their exalted union;

How they drowned – and were brought back to life by the gods but as birds named for seam foam;

Seek out the seven calm days close to the winter solstice – Halcyon Days – when kingfishers tend their burrows.


20/30 Burning your letters wasn’t easy



in a tiny window.


I’m adding them day-by-day to my instagram account @pearldiver32 – an ongoing creative challenge is the accompanying images! More to follow here, hopefully, at the end of April. Fingers crossed I clear the last ten!

Olive Broderick © 2016

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