Song for a Forgotten Monday – #LettersfromLadyNI

Aspects 25 Anniversary Festival (Bangor 2016) is almost at a close. It has been a big month and I am starting the week with some wonderful reading material having met and heard the authors this week. I have been working on the business end of the Festival rather than the writing/reading end. Delighted to have gotten a chance to see and hear quite a bit of what has gone on.

In the middle of a whirlwind it’s hard to keep your own eye-of-the-storm to hear and respond to the call of the muse. ‘Song for a Forgotten Monday’ was the title of my Creative Writing QUB MA submission and the reason I am thinking about it today is firstly because somewhere in the midst of everything this past few weeks, I have had a bit of a recap of all that’s gone on with my own writing particularly since I’ve been in Northern Ireland, and secondly, because when I composed the pieces in it, the song of my own muse was so strong that I could hear almost nothing else. This past few years its been hard to hear over the howling of the wind, but it is there nonetheless.

In any case, loads coming up in October. Looking forward to working with the Dundrum writers as part of the Poetry in Motion project. Words for Castle Ward is meeting on the 8th October (not 15th as might have been advertise) and Poems on a Sunday afternoon is happeing on Sunday, 9th, at Down Arts Centre. We are featuring Maria McManus as part of her current exhibition ‘Cirque des Oiseaux’ on there from next Thursday.




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