The Clock Repairer’s Companion- #KnowingtheDance #NaPoWriMo

April is (Inter)National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and the idea is to write a poem a day for the month. You can find some great prompts at the official site, and poetry support organisations like the Poetry School.

The Clock Repairer’s Companion

A strand of the ‘Knowing the Dance‘ project, that I am currently working on, is to investigate the ‘mechanics’ of movement in poetry in order to better ‘choreograph’, for want of a better word, where the dance is in my poems.  I’ve been considering this for the past few months.

My plan of action for 6tag-3088414843-1483269340422047431_3088414843NaPoWriMo is to write a three line piece (from fragment, to micro-poem, to as much as I can fit and still call it three lines) each day which focus on the technique as much as the art. A creative response, as you might say, to my considerations of the moving parts of this word-based art.

I’ll be starting today (1 April) and continuing – hopefully – everyday on Instagram – @pearldiver32 – and I’ll post a digest here at the end of ten days.

Image: from Time Bug series (10cm x 10cm) by Emma Whitehead

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