‘Night Divers’ Launch Invitation #lettersfromlady

You are heartily invited to join me at the launch of ‘Night Divers’ (Templar Poetry 2017) and the launch of ‘Mapping Emily’ by Kathleen Jones happening at Keats House London on the 25 April, 7pm. Admission is free and includes a glass of wine. Advance booking is advised HERE. More info (and details about current submission opportunities with Templar Poetry) in the e-bulletin HERE.

9781911132257There will also be a Belfast launch with Paul Maddern and myself at the Belfast Book Festival on the 17th June, 5pm Crescent Arts Centre. Booking information to follow.

More info about Night Divers HERE


Some acknowledgements

‘Night Divers’ has been a long time in progress and now that it is almost here I’ve been thinking about and appreciating the many people who have been part of the creation of this collection – muses, supporters and friends.  I’d wanted to say a particular word of thanks to Templar Poetry for taking it on, the support and then the patience, it has to be said, during the final edits. There is an as-standard thanks to the Arts Council – and, while, standard, it is genuine and worth unpicking a bit. SIAP awards gave me both working time and a wonderful computer which became like a companion we were together so much, and, no less wonderful, Damian Smyth who dispensed invaluable wise counsel while being very inspiring in his own practice. It’s strange how this piece of work has had its own timeframe. I don’t know if this is the ordinary way of things, but it appears to me that my universe has moved into the future of the collection, and that there are a whole new community of people that are in my writing world now that weren’t there in the writing stages but are here now. There is a loveliness about that too. Heartfelt thanks for being part of the journey. May fortune find you.

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