Correspondence – #lettersfromladyn #knowingthedance

“It is not then, that things have agency; rather they are actively present in their doing – in their carrying on or perdurance. And as things carry on together, and answer to one another, they do not so much interact as correspond. Interaction is the dynamic of the assemblage, where things are joined up. But correspondence is a joining with; it is not additive but contrapuntal, not ‘and…and…and’ but ‘with…with…with’.

from ‘Correspondences’ by Tim Ingold –

6tag-3088414843-1540764965929439424_3088414843(2)June was a very packed, very wonderful month and, in this wet, wintery start to July, I am just getting to take in all that happened. Early on in the month, I had the bizarre, good fortune to actually meet Prof Tim Ingold whose work I have been reading as part of the ‘Knowing the Dance‘ project. In the midst of chatting, I discovered he was coming to the end of a project that takes in art, architecture and anthrology called ‘Knowing from the Inside’. He kindly organised for me to get hold of copies of the beautifully produced publications that come from this project. I have just begun to read his volume of essays on ‘Correspondences.’ You can find pdf versions of all on the Knowing from the Inside website.

Though I will have to wind my way slowly through the ideas about how we come by what we know (or think we know), I am really loving the correspondence between this work and ‘lettersfromladyn’ which was, itself, inspired by the decades-long correspondance between Lorine Niedecker and Louis Zukofsky. This correspondence between the backwater of Blackhawk Island and bright lights of New York, not only kept two people in contact with each other, but was the medium by which their practice as Objectivist poets was teased out on a day-to-day basis.

And, the fact that correspondence, in the form of ongoing conversation with recording through video, email and in the creation of the work itself, is at the heart of the ‘Knowing the Dance’ project itself.

Le gach dea-ghuí

Olive x

PS: Edit – I have just realised that I’ve spelt correspondence as correspondance – and have hopefully corrected it – too much dancing…

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