@Lagannavigor Storymaking Festival 2 Feb, @IslandArtsbiz



The 2nd of February seemed very far away when Alison McClenaghan and myself had our first chats with Amanda and Maire at Lagan Navigation Trust last July about the ‘Where My River Flows’ project.

Now it is tomorrow.

Many thanks to all the groups that I worked with who shared their story of their river – mostly the Lagan, though not always.  I have an insight, now, into what motivates collectors whether of story or song.  I am very grateful to all who submitted their poems and stories – both members of the groups and those who responded to the general call out – but I know that it’s just a fraction of what was shared and I had the privilege of having a bird’s-ear vista to sights, sounds and connections to the Lagan given to me by those most closely connected to it. I have come to know the River in a whole new way and the memory of the stories and accounts from various vantage points along its length are written on wall-plaques in my imagination, fixed there by the people who shared them in the workshops series accompanying the call-out for submissions.

Now there is an anthology.

Congrats to all who are included and to those who the judges chose for prizes. Tomorrow evening’s event is set to be a great coming together of all that the project hoped to achieve. I haven’t seen the anthology yet and had only seen a couple of the tapestries in their early stages, so I can’t wait to see how all turned out.

About the event

This is the Lagan Navigation Trust Storymaking Festival’s final event where we celebrate the creativity of those connected to each other by their connections  to the Lagan river. Through poetry, stories and song, affectionate portraits and links, the Lagan will come to life. Shortlisted entries will be performed and prizes given to the top four stories and poems. I think this is both a source for and a start of many more sharings of close connections to the River.

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