#TakeMeHome …. @labellit surprises for #PoetryDayIrl 2018

Luggage labels ready to be written

Delighted to be one of 60 or so poets who are marking this year’s Poetry Day Ireland (26 April) by leaving literary labels to be found and kept by the unsuspecting – to surprise, to delight, engage and gladden the hearts of those who come upon them.

If you find a label, it’s yours to keep. If you are on Twitter check out @labellit and @poetryireland for updates. Do feel free to tag them if you would like to share your find.


Now global, of course. Continuing my tendency to produce daily tristichs to mark April as poetry writing month, I have a nine-piece (each with three lines) interlocking poem prepared for the labels. One tristich of which I will share via Instagram for nine days (17-25 April) in the run up to Poetry Day itself. Inst: pearldiver32

Wherever you are, and whosoever the poet, may the most delightful label find its way to you.

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