#SeasonsGreetings2018 – Lines in Celebration

Lines in Celebration of this SeasonLinesinCelebrationNovemberCastleWard

The grim, bleak thing
that took hold in my imagination –
don’t call that winter.

Don’t furnish it with snow
or hand over to its power
the grove’s magnificent withering.

I release the failing metaphor,
return with ease to this time
when the deep-breath dusking world

sighs a lullaby to its residents.
No mammal, the seeds in their buried
coffers benefit from a hard covering.

This is a pure and cleansing cold,
a revitalising dark, a protective skin,
a generous beauty with abundant promise.

Not indulgent. Nourishing.
Not the dreary, unkind spectres
that held me to ransom. The opposite.


Season’s Greetings

With every good wish to all I have connected with this year in any avenue of life for peace and prosperity in the coming year. Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís, mar a dearfá. See you on the other side of the calendar change, if not before.

Olive x

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