72 Seasons: Tristichs 11-20 April #NaPoWriMo 2019 – #lettersfromladyn

“At first their names too were borrowed from the Chinese, meaning that they did not always conform to the vagaries of our local climate. Eventually, in 1685, the court astronomer Shibukawa Shunkai revised them and in their present form they now serve to illustrate a natural, poetic pilgrimage through the ever-changing landscape of the Japanese year!” Read more: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2018/05/the-poetry-and-precision-of-japans-72-microseasons

For Poetry Month 2019, 1-30 April, I have been creating a daily three-line piece on the theme ’72 Seasons: Three Lines that are True’. Unlike other years, I am using the older proponents of haiku as my mentors with their focus on close observation and their trust in the moment-as-it-is and with an emphasis (though not strictly observed in my case) on the natural world. A nod here too, as always, to the go-between that is Imagism. Find the middle 10 below.


talking about art

artificial air

a real fear of falling


scent-notes non-blending

garlic sweat and aftershave

blocked sewer and sweet magnolia

13.04.2019 – Castle Ward

first bluebells

a dandelion clock poised for take-off

animal scat mostly composed of seeds


last sunday of advent

adding lemon juice to warmed fresh milk

curdled milk to baking soda


high wind


a recorded version of Fauré’s Requiem


a day for looking forward

weather forecast – good and bad in it –

making lists


new takes on old recipes

top-hat types: hen-shaped mallow and candy eggs

frozen berries with experimental crumble


this walk by the river is called Jane’s Shore

I don’t know who Jane is

the hollow stump seems to have become hollower.


hot cross buns

gluten-free crumpets

everything is improved by melting butter


im Lyra McKee

holiday saturday, spring sun on a bluebell path

and were you there? did you see which hands held the gun

that, just last night, took the life of this sacred woman?

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