72 Seasons: Tristichs 21-30 April #NaPoWriMo 2019 – #lettersfromladyn

“At first their names too were borrowed from the Chinese, meaning that they did not always conform to the vagaries of our local climate. Eventually, in 1685, the court astronomer Shibukawa Shunkai revised them and in their present form they now serve to illustrate a natural, poetic pilgrimage through the ever-changing landscape of the Japanese year!” Read more: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2018/05/the-poetry-and-precision-of-japans-72-microseasons

For Poetry Month 2019, 1-30 April, I have been creating a daily three-line piece on the theme ’72 Seasons: Three Lines that are True’. I haven’t been quite as disciplined as in previous years, letting a few days lapse at a time. I am remembering that my grandfather kept a diary where he entered fragments of facts of the day – amount of seed ordered, a visit, a doctor’s appointment. I always wondered about keeping a diary with such spare wordage coupled with a consistency of updating. I have found the process very anchoring – enough that I might continue it for my own pleasure. There is a real, but easily forgotten, wonder in playing a day-to-day life part in the earth’s turning – and the continual joy of feeding! The final 10 below. The previous two lots of ten are also on the blog.


‘new ruins’ on display at the Abbey

lonesome hoot of a reclaimed CIE train

memories of the level crossing at Buttevant

22.04.2019 (Earth Day)

not wasting things that might-not-come-again

moveable feasts and coinciding celebrations

the last of the stash of easter chocolate


freckles on fresh eggs shells

chilli jam

seeded wholemeal bread


wednesday: the working week

wondering about the truth of weather forecasts

the usefulness of sodium bicarb for brown bins.


a windy day is not a day for thatching

april is not a month for hay-making

being a hoarder is not without advantages


middle parts are mandatory

at times neither memorable nor noteworthy

friday is not the end of everyone’s work week


another 10 year milestone

food and friendship are the best of company

relief of boarding a double-decker bus


middling news from home

comfort of clearing out old stuff

wild garlic pesto, locally foraged, is a gift



a patch of daisies that escaped the cut

dandelions half blossom, half clock


last day of April

nothing unusual about rain

always, nonetheless, a little extra to the ordinary

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