Words for Castle Ward New Writing – #LionsintheLandscape #APlacewithaDoor #CSLewis #Kilbroney

“You see, but do not observe. The distinction is clear.”

Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Conan Doyle

All are warmly invited to the next new writing workshop of Words for Castle Ward this Saturday, 12 Oct, 11am-12.30pm at the Education Suite, Stableyard, Castle Ward. It’s a new writing session. Bring writing implements, inspiration provided.

Please note that while this is a normal WfCW new writing workshop, the theme ties in with ‘Lions in the Landscape’ next Poems on a Sunday Afternoon taking place at the Cloughmore Centre, Kilbroney in the 17 November (2.30-4.30pm) as part of CS Lewis Festival on that weekend.

This year’s theme ‘Lions in the Landscape: Celebrating CS Lewis’ love of NI’s beautiful places’ draws inspiration from CS Lewis life and the wonder of the natural world – particularly NI’s wilder landscape. We will be joined at PoSA by ‘Songbuddies’ under the direction of Laura Plummer, with rehearsed readings of new work as part of the feature.

As always everyone is invited to bring and share a piece – poem, story, song etc – of their own or a favourite. Work that meets the theme is entirely optional, and while the workshop is inspired by the theme of this event there is no need to have attended the workshop to read at PoSA, or, indeed, to attend at Kilbroney if you attend the workshop.

More info about the group here: https://lettersfromladyn.wordpress.com/words-for-castle-ward/ – I ask that people let me know if they will be attending on wordsforcastleward@gmail.com so that I have a sense of numbers.

Next session – 16 Nov – feedback session

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