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Welcome! My name is Olive Broderick and this blog is my place to mull over ideas and issues arising from writing poetry…the prose side of the business as it were. In the past couple of years, the wider website has developed into a place to hold details of groups and initiatives that I am involved with ie Words for Castle Ward group and the Knowing the Dance project. A little bit of biography below.


‘Night Divers’ – a full collection published by Templar Poetry 2017 and launched recently – is available to purchase online HERE.

‘Darkhaired’ (a pamphlet published by Templar Poetry in 2010) is available to purchase online here.

You can also find four poems as one of the four poets in online journal FourXFour Poetry Journal Issue 7 Spring 2014 (Pen Points Press)

And further published work in, most recently,  Abridged (various issues), HU, Tales from the Forest (all online).

Delighted to part of the Lagan Online/Reading Rooms #12NOW initiative. Find three poems in HU as part of this.

Collaborations & Initatives


‘Hint of the Sea in the Breeze at Steamboat Quay’ is a short film created in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen Digital Archive and filmmakers Tacaworks. I provided the words for this. You can find the film HERE and a short interview about it HERE. Find out more about it and full credits on my blog HERE.

Knowing the Dance – Arts Council NI ACES Project

I am grateful to have received an ACES award from Arts Council NI for a project (16/17) which looks at the meeting place between poetry and dance/movement ‘Knowing the Dance’. There will be a performance of a sequence of dance~poems created by myself and dance-artist/research Paula Guzzanti at Down Arts Centre on the 9 September 2017 as part of the project. I’m also working on a sequence of new poems inspired by this middle place, and creating a workshop also to share the process. My thanks to Down aRt Centre for supporting this project also. And you can find out more about Knowing the Dance HERE and keep an eye on my blog as I have been updating there as we go.

Visual Arts

I’ve also been involved in a number of visual arts collaborations, including ‘Crash’ (Maria McKinney/Olive Broderick) from a recent postcard series (2013) curated by Abridged, ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ with Sharon Regan and Rapunzel/Four Tresses with Joy Gray (you’ll have to visit me to see this one!).

Words for Castle Ward Group

I was a member of Castle Ward Art and Crafts Open Studios initiative which was based down on the Farm Yard at the National Trust’s gorgeous Castle Ward property right on the banks of Strangford Lough. If you’ve seen the HBO series Game of Thrones then you know the Clock Tower – which is surrounded  by our then studios – as it is a focal point in the Winterfell scenes which were filmed right here. The Potter’s Still in action – call in if you get a chance. While the collective has disbanded, the Words for Castle Ward group that gathered around it, in still meeting.

I run a monthly feedback session (with a quarterly inspiration based workshop to give participants a chance to commune with the generous muse of this location) at Castle Ward Stableyard Cafe. Keep an eye on what is coming up on this website or contact me on wordsforcastlewardATgmail.com (use @ for AT)

Other Things

I’m a member of NAWE. I run workshops with an emphasis on helping people at all stages and writing forms to generate new work.

I was one of the founding members of the Write! Down network which had organised a range of events to showcase writing and writers from this area of Co. Down in Northern Ireland.

In partnership with Down Arts Centre, I co-convene Poems on a Sunday Afternoon which happens at DAC, Downpatrick, on Sunday Afternoons 4/5 times a year and overs a platform for new writers and new writing from the  area. So great to give a voice to the many established and emerging writers in the area, and the shared space is, to be honest, a privilege to be part of. Keep an eye on the Down Arts Centre website.

The Dundrum Imaginarium is a recent initiative that I have been part of developing and hosting the creative writing workshop element of this new creative retreat weekend in the midst of Dundrum Bay overlooked by the awesome Mourne Mountains. Keep an eye out on the Dundrum Imaginarium website for what’s next.

I’m from the sunny South East (of Ireland) but now based in the sunny North East ( in Northern Ireland)…anywhere as long as it’s to the East!

Related, but not poetry, I also create, co-ordinate and curate online content for websites/social media in the wider  arts world in Northern Ireland.

Keep in contact

You can find me on Facebook (Olive Broderick), Twitter (@pearldiver23), Instagram (Pearldiver32)

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