Knowing the Dance

How can we know the dancer from the dance?
‘Knowing the Dance’ is a yearlong project exploring the meeting place between movement/dance and poetry and is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Artist Career Enhancement Scheme (ACES) and Down Arts Centre.

The Project has four main elements

  • Masterclass with Sarah Warsop investigating how her work creating a middle place between choreography and other artforms, principally contemporary jewellery design, could be used to work across to where poetry and movement meet (January ’17)
  • A dance/poetry collaboration with dancer/choreographer/researcher Paula Guzzanti trialling different ways that poetry and movement/dance can connect with each other. The making is in progress since December ’16, with a performance date of 9 September, 7pm, at Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick.
  • Development of my own practice as a writer, creating innovative, sturdy practice around the issue of movement in poetry what is already an artistic signature. See ‘The Clock Repairer’s Companion: Thirty Tristichs’ – for a creative working out of my considerations of the moving parts of poetry generally, and my own writing also.
  • A body of poems, reflective of this work on knowing the dance within the word-on-the-page world, provisionally titled ‘Walking by Water’ – in progress.
  • A mechanism to communicate the techniques and learnings of the project, particularly through the medium of writers workshop, to be piloted with Words for Castle Ward.

I will be documenting the different aspects of the project, through the lettersforladyn blog. If you would like to enquire further about any aspect of the project, do contact me at